Fortuna League: MFK Dukla Banská Bystrica – MFK Skalica 0:0

19:20 today

The footballers of Banská Bystrica Dukly drew 0-0 in their rookie match in Friday’s 11th preliminaries of the Fortuna League in Štiavničká.

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In the first half, Fabry shot from about 7 meters after a quarter of an hour, and the home team threatened more, but then Baumgartner did not move in front of Hruskova.

Only after a change of sides can Dukla take the lead, provided Remarenko hits the ball in front of the open. Willwéber’s direct kick was dangerous nearly thirty meters away when Junas vyrazil hit the ball hard. In a bad game, ended up missing the goal.

Fortuna League – Round 11:

MFK Dukla Banská Bystrica – MFK Skalica 0:0

ŽK: Černek (Skalica). Judges: Kráľovič – Vorel, E. Weiss, 1352 spectators.

Banska Bystrica: Hruška – Migaľa, Uhrinčať, Willwéber, Záhumenský – B. Ľupták (72. Gašparovič), Richtárech (46. Franko) – Slávik, Faško, Rymarenko (72. Hanes) – Polievka (86. Depetris)

Scaleka: Junas – Čögley, Blažek, Podhorin, Hurtado – Nagy, M. Hollý (81. Václav) – Fábry (81. Kousal), Baumgartner (72. Černek), Yao (90+2 Mášik) – Haša (72. Šebesta)

Hlasy after the game:

Banská Bystrica coach Michal Ščasný: “The first half was a bit better than Scalica. I had a problem with my game system. Jumps, diagonal passes, thank goodness we missed. We didn’t create anything. It wasn’t a good performance either offensively or defensively. A good opponent, have to say. This is not a team we should play badly, but even the opponent forced us to. We paid attention in the second half and we hoped that Skalica didn’t get so much in us We wanted to be more aggressive up front, but we didn’t create chances. From our side, it was a boring game. From a performance standpoint, we gave, good.”

Skalica coach Juraj Jarábek: “It’s a shame not to score because goals are the root of football. Dukla is very good in attack and has a very good average. We can prepare for that. In the first half, we can convert to At least we had one chance. Defenders Dukla Willwéber and Uhrinčať in front of bránkou, we missed good chances and our centre tackled bad ones respectively. I was calm in the first half, we didn’t score in the second half, I knew the home team had Bought, simplified the game. Hope the lads are patient with the chance. Sadly, we were not in danger at half-time.

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