Football clubs pay hundreds of euros in lowest matches (survey)

Bratislava. Playing football is not cheap, even in Slovenia’s lowest competition, players play for free.

Football clubs have to pay monthly so-called collective invoices, which include various fees.

In Slovenia, the amount of referee fees or starting fees may vary.

Sportnet contacts all regional football associations to provide a cross-section of the reality of Slovenian football. Ten of them answered the following questions.

Marián Valko, ObFZ Topoľčany

1. The total monthly invoice amount paid by football clubs varies widely by item, such as remuneration of delegates, sports technical committee fees (changes in game days and official game times), disciplinary committees (payments and fines, excluded out players, incompetent fans).

2. We don’t help the club financially because we don’t have enough income to do it, but we have football matches for young people, no start, and they also have free entertainment.

3. Súteže roubime tak, aby kluby mali cho najštšie vašení.

4. Over the past few months, we have not recorded any disappearance of clubs due to lack of funds, but despite this, very few in competitions: VII. Senior League – 14 teams and VIII. Senior League – 11 teams. There are 7 youth teams, 10 senior teams, 14 youth teams, 20 U11 teams, and 5 U9 teams.

Emmanuel Kuninka, ObFZ Trnava

1. The total invoice varies from month to month, depending on the number of adult meetings (paying the client), venue fees, disciplinary fees (player transfers) and ŠTK application negotiation fees.

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