FLAG FOOTBALL on the beach dominated by Nitra Knights players!

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On July 30, 2022, a one-of-a-kind event – FLAG FOOTBAL on the beach takes place. Areál Beach Club Draždiak welcomes the top Slovenian football team, complemented by more foreign players.

The basic group has had fun but high quality matches. The rivalry between clubs and players is reflected in the individual performances of the players, with the most anticipated matches being between the Champions of the Flag Football League (Nitra Knights, Wakanda Knights) vs. Bratislava, East Ropolis Invincible and Sadisti Janko Kráľ. Several fans also enjoyed the games of the traditional Slovenian club Zvolen Patriots, which returned to Slovenian football after a long hiatus.

As expected, the winners of the basic group were the Nitra Knights players. Knights of Wakanda. In Group ‘A’, Instropolis Invincibles, who finished second, had a decent second. Group ‘B’ offered a more even route with less difference in final scores, but was led by QB Bratislava monarch Marek Pavlovic after the Wakanda Knights group winner Tumbili players compete for second place.

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Flag football on the beach

Source: Peter Nemet

The first semi-final between Nitra Knights and Tumbili was tied in the first half. Tumbili players built up after a tough group stage, and the Cavaliers quickly took advantage and the game reached a winning conclusion.

The second semi-final was between the Wakanda Cavaliers and the Invincibles in Etropolis, and the final result was decided in the final seconds. The Invincibles showed concentration and concentration in the first half, and the Wakanda players couldn’t react to it and lost the first half.

In the second fact, the cards are turned slightly, ani jeden tím nechmel dodniť is a fundamental mistake, which means rest. The fight for every centimeter on the field finally brought luck to Wakanda’s players, who rejoiced by a narrow margin. In the FLAG FOOTBALL final on the beach, we can look forward to a rematch between the Nitra Knights and the Wakanda Knights last year.

Photo booth

Flag football on the beach

Source: Peter Nemet

Tumbili and the Invincibles battled for third place. The Bratislava players had a better chance before the game, which was finally confirmed. Fewer players and tiredness made Tumbili’s performance notable, but opponents succumbed.

The last game was a repeat of last year’s Zobor team. As the defending champion Wakanda, the performance of this game was not good at all. A few mistakes were made, and opponents quickly caught on to his not-letting act. The Nitra Cavaliers players held their hands tightly throughout the game, showed several great moves, played great defense, and deservedly gave their opponents a break during the 2021 deadline, and deservedly earned the champion.

The organizers are very interested in this event. Tournament organizer Peter Német summed up his feelings after the final:

“We are very happy that even the second year of FLAG FOOTBALL on the beach can be considered a good year, despite the slow weather, which was completely different from last time. The otherwise rainy weather stopped, but the players finally Adapted. We are most interested in the interest the event generates. We already have questions and requests for next year, not only from the players, but also from our partners and sponsors. This time, I would like to especially thank the municipality of Bratislava, and the mayor of Bratislava Peter Zarka, Yanov Kherchkov, who not only supported us financially, but also took over activities and sponsorships. I must stress the commitment and determination of the players and teams who have shown that success in this tournament is not just another trophy to count, but a hard and tough one that no one will count in the near future Prestigious awards. “

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