Expired COVID-19 Vaccines!

Bratislava – More than 180,000 vaccines against the COVID-19 disease from Moderna have expired. This was confirmed by the Communications Committee of the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the Slovak Republic prior to TASR.

According to him, this represents 1.6% of the total vaccine delivered.

“We are currently registering Moderna’s 189,000 vaccines against COVID-19 disease that have expired due to low interest and short expiration dates (the shortest compared to other vaccines),” enlarge.

Tomáš Szalay, a doctor in the Bratislavského Autonomous Region, points out that the vaccine has expired, According to this, it is not the final number. A total of 11,811,320 vaccine doses were delivered to Slovenia.

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Source: TASR/Netky Johny Domanský

Photo: Unsphlas

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