Europa League: Pernambuco fight for Ronaldo’s shirt in Tiraspo

Tiraspo. Šeriffu Tiraspoľ’s footballers lost 2-0 to Manchester United in the Europa League on Thursday, but the battle continued even after the final whistle.

This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s hviezdy anglikeho team jersey.

The battle was ultimately won by the 24-year-old Brazilian striker from Tiraspol Jose Vito Pernambuco. “I have his jersey, free. Check out Cristiano’s autograph!”, wrote the jersey’s happy owner, under the photo posted on the social network.

Pernambuco revealed to the portal that after the draw of the EL group stage, Moldova’s players almost quarreled over who would get Ronaldo’s jersey.

“After the final whistle, I approached him, congratulated him on the goal and asked: ‘Cristiano, can I get your shirt?’

´ I was confident, but when I saw other teammates asking him for a jersey, I was really scared. Then I asked myself: “Cristiano, your jersey is mine, right?” But I said, I already believed him. He told me not to be afraid. “

Ronaldo kept his word. “Stretto has a dressing room not far away, but he even signed my shirt. It was a very big day for me.

Honestly, I couldn’t even sleep the next day. I am very happy with the way Cristiano treated me. It was great, I even talked to him,” said Pernambuco.

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