Duboche remains undefeated. Jurania still bez bodu

It was a disaster for the home team. Five games, five losses. The biggest surprise was probably born in Petrovavasa, but not even the diets of Janos and Radosovice. Dubovce remains unbeaten and Pop is waiting for its first win. Močidľany.

Competition photos TJ Slavoj Moravský Svätý Ján – FK Oreské 0:1 by JR Photo

Championship ObFZ Seneca
ObFZ Senica MO 7th League Round 6

Radosovce – Rakesh. N. All 0:1 (0:0), 85. T. Velický, r. Zinzik.

In an average game, both teams created a few shots, but the goalscorer had no teeth. The defense works reliably, but even the goalkeepers are hurting their positions. The hosts batted at the end when the game looked like it was going to be a bezgólové rezultátu. In the 85th minute, Tomáš Velický had a bad shot. Decided the hosts’ closest victory – 0:1. The score is more representative of the game.

must. stone. Jan – Oreske 0:1 (0:0), 52. L. Pavlačka, r. Kahuni.

Competition photos TJ Slavoj Moravský Svätý Ján – FK Oreské 0:1 by JR Photo

In Jánoch, they are counting on points after a draw at Dubovciy’s lídra pitch. It was an interesting game with both teams trying to attack. Both sides have a chance to be injured, but both the defense and the goalkeeper will be injured. The only successful striker was main gunner Lukas Pavlačka, who scored in the 52nd minute. Decided to get three points ahead of Oleska. This time, the homegrown striker didn’t wear his boots, but Slavoi scored the first home goal.

Rohov – Duboche 1:2 (0:1), 59. D. Pucheľ – 39. O. Rybnikár, 56. R. Drgon. d. an island.

Snahá domáčich odpútať sa zo zone zostupu did not bring any points in the battle with the table leaders. In the third home game, Rohov broke a three-pointer, and the only positive was D. Pucheľ’s first home goal, reducing the final score to 1:2. The home team was already two goals ahead and was captured in the 39th minute. Ondrej Rybnikár scores. Toto extended the score in the 56th minute. Rado Dragon – 0:2. Despite his daughter-in-law, Rokhov could no longer vyrovnať.

Popular music. Močidľany – Cerová 2:5 (0:2), 53. T. Buchta, 70. P. Pochylý – 8. A. Zuzkovič, 28. M. Vlček, 49., 87. D. Badáň, 61. P. Machlica, r. A blind man.

In the first half, the home team took a two-goal lead and Denis Bardani extended the score immediately after the break – 0:3. Although the home side narrowed the deficit to two goals twice, they were unable to threaten the home side’s well-deserved victory.

Petrova Ves – Štefanov 1:3 (1:0), 38. Martin Mihálik – 59. R. Hlavenka, 76. J. Tomašovič, 87. M. Matula, r. Wolf.

After a good start to the game, two consecutive losses were lost, the first at home, when Petrova Weiss was without a win in the opening four rounds. After the first half, it was still not the case, the home team won 1-0 with a goal from Martin Mihalik. However, there was a bad moment for the home side after the break and the hosts, who performed well, were able to take advantage of this. Gólmi R. Hlavenku and J. Tomašovič skóre otocili, but snahe domáčich equalised in the 87th minute. M. Matula poistný gól in the last 1:3.

drive– Sabbath.

Recharge: Štefanov – Sobotište 1.11.

ObFZ Senica MO 8th League Round 6

Sekule helped Unín jump to the top of the table when they stripped the then-leading Hradište by two points. Despite Smolinsk’s victory, top scorer Thomas Kapak Pollack with 10 goals did not score for the first time this season.

Picture from the match Kunov – Rovensko 2:2. The host Juraj Čermák is unique to Riccardo. Erik Flamík and Marian Macek view from the left.

Kunov-Rovne 2:2 (2:2), 14. F. Vizváry, 44. own (M. Matula) – 35., 39. S. Starych, r.

There was an interesting race in Kunov that ended up with a fair share of the points. After leading the goal, Bizwarijo returned to the net and Brian’s shot hit the crossbar. Then you put the director in the hands of Silva Starridge. Najsvôr vyrovnal golom priamo corner but his left foot beat Bartek 1:2 from over 20 metres away 4 minutes before the substitution. The home team took a corner kick from Mike, and Mathura unfortunately headed the goal, 2:2. After the break, the hosts were dangerous. Batek had problems with two of Starridge’s penalties and was not paid for offside after the home side scored once. Chance domáčich nevyuzili Vizváry a Belohlávek “fallen leaves” after lightning host dopadol na brvno domáčej brány. The conclusion is interesting. 1000% – nú tutovku z pěkky was not changed by hoťujúci Dobrovodský, but on the counter-attack, the same thing was “talented” to Vizvárym on the other side. A well-deserved draw.

Š. Humence – Vrádiste 3:0 (3:0), 27., 43. O. Sekáč, 41. L. Matula, r. Rapos.

The three points were determined by the home team’s three goals before half-time. After missing several chances, notably Macha, Gaza and Cutlak, he was the first to be substituted in the 27th minute. Ondro Cecacci – 1:0. Urmás góly fell until halftime. In the 41st minute. After the corner kick, Lukas Mathura made a strong shot from the penalty area, and Sekac scored the second goal 2 minutes later, 3:0. Even before half-time, he could have completed a hat-trick, but he had no chance. After the break, the pace of the game dropped. The hosts were happy with the game and Cutlak, Toth and especially Maher did not take the chance to improve their performance.

Smolinsk – Letničie 2:1 (0:0), 48. D. Hazlinger, 58. S. Maderič – 61. M. Mikulka, r. Pipes.

The goal only begins to drop after the break. Immediately at the 48th minute. Opened by skóre Hazlinger. Ten minutes later, Madric extended the lead, but Mikulka suddenly scored for the hosts, who were unable to equalise even from the 82nd minute. hrali’s starting advantage after excluding domestic Szomolay.

Unín – Smrdáky 4:0 (1:0), 6. M. Krempa, 67., 82. P. Klein, 85. M. Uher, r. Mattouche.

The result was a draw but the home side struggled until the final 20 minutes when three goals were eliminated.

Sekule – Hradište 2:2 (1:1), 27. P. Kovár, 59. F. Volouch – 42. M. Furko, 74. M. Sadloň, r. Nonsense.

In an interesting match, the home side won twice after a goal from Kovár a Volouch. However, Hradište, zakaždým proved vyrovnať. At the end of the first half, Fulco 1:1, Martin Sadron 2:2.

pine. stone. Yul – Kovalov 0:5 (0:1), 18., 64., 70. P. Tokoš, 59. L. Slezák, 66. A. Tokoš, r. Husek.

Jurania ani na šiesty pokus fails to score. Hostia until the end of the little “iba” najtešnejše jednogólové vedenie. However, they scored four goals in the final 25 minutes when Pezo Tokos scored a hat-trick.

ObFZ Senica MO 9th League Round 6

Trnovec – Prietrž 0:5 (0:1), 5. R. Jarolin, 61. R. Sedláček, 63. D. Tököly, 69., 79. P. Polakovič, r. A blind man.

Prietrž could make a decision before half-time because many chances were wasted. It didn’t start until the second half.

Chropov – Dojč 4:1 (2:1), 3. O. Černek, 35. T. Petri, 86. M. Kuchárek, 89. J. Špaček – 8. P. Zona, r. Thao.

The home side immediately gave up Cernek’s quick goal, but they couldn’t find an answer after the home side’s second precise shot. Finally, the nephew Juraj Špaček was also transplanted.

Pod Branch – Bukovec 5:2 (1:0), 7. A. Buček, 75. M. Filka, 79., 90. J. Palkovič, 82. D. Malík – 69., 88. M. Majdlen, r. Danish.

After Bucek’s quick goal, the next goal was to wait until the final 20 minutes. Domáci Pucheľ also did not convert the penalty.

Chvojnica – Osuské 6:0 (3:0), D. Šiška 2, M. Černek (11), L. Krček, I. Oravec, M. Kiška, r. A layman.

The home side took the lead on penalties but hosťujúci Kolenyak failed to take advantage of the same opportunity. Chvojnica gradually took control of the game and added five goals. The layman whistled with Osuského as the delegated referee didn’t show up – but fine.

Recharge: Krobov – Bukovec 22.10.

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