Double Red Bull on Baku city lawn, disastrous Sunday for Ferrari

Baku – Defending world champion Max Verstappen has won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, but once again has gone against his biggest rival, Charles Leclerc, who has won the Azerbaijani Grand Prix due to technology Problem had to quit the game early.

The ideal pre-Bulls weekend with Red Bull

It’s already a classic Red Bull failed to qualify Leclerche rode a great bike and got pole position. Leclerc Missed the start but Sergio rushed to him immediately Perezwho seized on past behavior. Perez sa can leave Leclerc But to create a two-second lead. Leclerc His speed isn’t bad, but he has to focus on defense because Max keeps staring at us in the rearview mirror Verstappen.

First tactical battle after Carlos’ resignation Sainz, its hydraulic system failed, and its failure led to a virtual safety car, during which most pilots went to the pits to get new tires.If the only monopoly with the first desiatky remains on the lawn Order Bully But it is unclear whether their decision was right or wrong. Leclerc Gained a slight advantage after the tire change, but was at the front of the race again.Let’s go to round 20 Leclercova Doom reminded me again, but his turbine was out of service.forward Leclerc This is already the second vypadnutie in three games.

Leclerc vypadnutie remarkable ulječilo preteky pre Max Verstappenhe walked slowly to his teammates, but brought his own with almost no problem. Order bull in 1st place.double Order bulls done by sergio Perezwho even surpassed Charles’ title Leclerc But at the moment, he’s in full swing for the title.The podium is closed by the ever-reliable George Russellwho had a fantastic season at trápiacom sa Mercedes.


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