Do you want to start running? DM Women’s Running Partner New Balance is here to help!

What if even a complete beginner could prepare for running? Together with New Balance, partner at dm Ženského beh, we asked Petra Pukalovičova, trainer and founder of SHEruns.

Many women and girls take part in the Women’s Run on September 17th each year. 2022 in Bratislava. For many of them, running like this is what drives their running dreams. If you’re one of those people who fell in love with running or are still looking for motivation and are waiting for the right opportunity to lace up your tennis shoes, get out and experience the endorphin rush, here are the tips below.

Petra Pukalovičová advises you to answer before you start to realize your running dreams and goals with passion 4 basic questions, thank you for assessing your physical and timing possibilities, ako aj rjuzty, why are you running:

1. How is my physical condition?

Realistically assess your current physical condition. How many times a week do you exercise? What kind of exercise, how regular and how intensive? What is your sports background? Are you well? Kádí máme startovací bod elsewhere. Someone has exercise experience, but his brain “remembers” the exercise more easily. So far, no one exercises regularly at all, but it is necessary to gradually adapt to the physical load.

2. How much time can you devote to running each day or week?

Work, family, time to relax, but other important factors in daily life should also be considered. Combining a mundane life full of obligations with running takes planning. So realistically assess how much time you spend running around each week.

3. What is my goal?

Give yourself a specific goal on a real-time scale. Whether you want to engage in specific activities, stay fit and exercise during the winter months, or increase your monthly mileage.

Beh needs postupnosť, consistenť and tržeplivosť. This is not the art of starting with motivation.

4. Why should I run?

Kádí máme odákky kriticický deň a neče sa nám funktur – nieto šče behať. Then it’s a good thing to think about what motivated you to run in the first place. Know why you are doing what you are doing.

Should I start running?

When asked how to start running, Petra replied: “If you’re a complete beginner, it would be nice if you could find someone who can help you better manage your start, which is difficult when running .” It doesn’t have to be just a trainer. The deceased can also be a friend, sister, co-worker or some running community. You have to be prepared, you will have trouble breathing, you may not be able to run 200m, your legs will hurt, but the next day you will have muscle, but chances are you will have low motivation to run again. “

According to Petrie, the beginning and initial frustration is something everyone will pass. A good rule of thumb is that the more regular you run, the sooner the initial difficulties will disappear. “After 2-3 weeks, you’ll feel a noticeable improvement, but if you wait a month, the pain will miraculously stop, and you’ll enjoy it, you’ll enjoy it, but you don’t want to stop,” he added. road.

However, in order for you to reach your bezecké passion, here are a few things to do:

Running Shoes – The Foundation of Success: The right choice of running shoes is very important because you will run thousands of steps wearing them. With every step you take, you strain your motor skeletal organs, if you wear poor quality sneakers, your feet will hurt while running, you will feel uncomfortable, and in the worst case, you may get hurt. But the injury meant the end of behania.

Alternating between runs: Start lightly, set smaller goals, and gradually increase the load. Nie je hanba striedať chodźzu a beh. First, try a 1-to-2 ratio (eg: 1 minúta beh, 2 minúty chódza) but gradually adjust the ratio – increase your running time and shorten your rest/walking time.

Run for at least 40 minutes: When you’re out and about, make sure your “training” lasts at least 40 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you slowly alternate between walking and running, or you can run continuously. This is ideal if you get at least 40 minutes of physical activity. Over time, you can extend the training time.

Vybehnite at least 3x a week: if you don’t want to be part of tzv. “večný začiatočníkov”, running at least 3 times a week is good. Then you’ll feel and see progress, you’ll keep yourself motivated and stimulate your body to perform better.

If your motivation doesn’t drop, or even increases, after answering these questions, then you have no choice but to put on your tennis shoes and run out onto the court.

Final challenge – go for a run

If you are someone who likes to set goals, running a race is definitely your motivation. On September 17th Bratislava will host the 10th annual dm women’s running event – a beautiful event where thousands of women will come together to enjoy being energized, loving themselves and not A day of interrupted atmosphere. Petra will also be collaborating with SHEruns, but thanks to New Balance partner dm Ženského beh, several Slovenian influencers will also be involved. What familiar faces will we see on the lawn? View in gallery:

You can sign up for 2 events – 4km and 10km – so that both experienced and inexperienced runners can do it. Who will we see at the beginning?

But if you’re looking for inspiration, choose from the New Balance running collection:

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