Dnipro players are used to Kosice.Alkmaar will welcome Alkmaar to the Conference Alliance

basket. The war drove them out of their homeland. Found a new home less than a hundred kilometers from their country’s border. in Kosice.

The football players of the Ukrainian team SC Dnipro-1 have settled in the eastern metropolis of Slovakia, where they train on the local pitch and play in the Ukrainian league in the neighbouring city of Uzhhorod.

The Košická futbalová Arena will be their home ground in the UEFA Europa League, where they start their group stage with a game against Alkmaar in the Netherlands on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Slovenian Bratislava will play Lithuanian Sargiris Vilnius.

hometown center ako

In Kosice, Ukrainian players have settled, including the French legion of Brazilian, Argentine and Algerian descent. They played their second competitive match on Slovenian soil.

They lost 2-1 to AEK Larnaca in the final qualifying round of the Europa League three weeks ago, but advanced to the Western Division League group stage thanks to a 3-0 draw in the second leg.

“Some of us rent apartments, others live in hotels. Bežný život is not easy, but it is getting better. We already feel at home in Kosice,” Dnipro winger Oleksij Hucuľak disclose.

“I live in the city center and don’t have to go anywhere. In many ways, the center of Kosice is similar to where I’m from. It’s no problem for me,” said the 24-year-old Mrs. Krassili, who lives in Khmelnitsky Oblast, about 250 km east of Ľvovo.

In addition to the Kosice football stadium, Dnipro players are also preparing on the pitch in Maleida. The overall conditions are commendable, even the local climate suits me.

“We have no problems. Everything is fine,” assistant coach Valerij Horodov said.

They started the league well

More than half a year has passed since ruské vojská invaded Ukraine on February 24. A sprawling nation of more than 40 million inhabitants has been engulfed in conflict for the seventh week.

People there suffer not only materially but also spiritually. Futbalistov nevynímajúc.

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