Defensive encounters under Urpin. Lídra Banská Bystrica is evaluated before the game

13:00 today

In the 11th preliminaries of the Fortuna League, there was no goal between Bansko Bistrica and Scalicu. The men’s duel ended in a poor 0-0 draw, although before the game they encouraged Bansko Bistrick Dukli Robert Polevka’s captain to win the Fortuna League Player of the Year for August 2022 prize.

Meanwhile, the Urpin leader completed his 100th match in Slovenia’s highest competition on Friday night.

After the end, he made no secret of his feelings: “For me, it’s an assessment of the whole team, and in certain games they work really hard to make sure I have freedom up front. That’s why I’m able to give my best performance in games. Of course, This assessment means nothing to me. Me.

We want to continue what we’ve been doing. Personally, I want to improve myself and learn more from myself. I feel myself, even in the game, Scaliku is not exactly ideal. I realize we already know how to play better, but I want to get better. I don’t know, I’ve played 100 games at the highest level. That’s already a good number, I’m not one of the oldest players, but I’m sure I’ll add another hundred. “

Polievk’s teammate Timotej Záhumenský is similar. Ani krajný defender Dukli was unaware of his centenary at the highest level in Slovenia when he told the media after the game:

“Somehow I didn’t count that. I know, there have been over a hundred matches in the Czech Republic. For me the number doesn’t matter, for me every win counts .Unfortunately, we didn’t get three points.

The hike will hurt, but there are no league games for the next two weeks because we’re taking a break from the national team. It feels better in a team. Unfortunately, we cannot change our chances. We are allowed to touch them less, that is, those who are placed. We try to improve in two weeks, we have to speed up the game. “

After previewing the 11th round of the Fortuna League on Friday, both teams’ goalkeepers and defence were calm under Urpin. Banskobystrický Matúš Hruška particularly praised his team’s defense: “The guys defended really well, but what happened on the goal, so the ball was shaking at first, and it went off. I was close to Baumgartner’s chance, I had a hard time, but it hit me in the foot “We missed a winning goal and we didn’t get to the final we wanted.

Skaličania mali ogju chancie, my sme mali náznaky chancí, for example, Ľubo Willwéber finished a great game with a direct kick. It was a well-deserved draw. Guys take this good bot, but I think it’s worth the gamble. “

Scalis goalkeeper Martin Junas commented on the off-ball duel in a similar spirit:”The game is played between sixteen people. My goalkeeper didn’t tackle some difficult situations and missed big opportunities. Our goal in Banska Bistrica was to win, to get the three points and we got the last point. I think we could have done more, but everyone counts at the table. “

Skalica didn’t stop for the sixth game in a row, in that zarátaný aj pohárový duel in Prievidza. In the Fortuna league, she scored piatykrát in the series. Junas added: “Výsledky sú fajn, lots of draws, good defensive work, inkasujeme few goals, z tohto pohvidu sme teda spokojní, but we still have to start davá góly.”

Attacking Skalický footballer Andrej Fábry also tried to do the same on Friday night. At first he volleyed to the post, but then his team-mate Baumgartner’s goal was caught by Hrushka.

“It was given its flair. Maybe if it were a few centimeters more accurate, it would have gone from the post to the bottom. It was also about luck. It’s a shame Baumgartner didn’t score a goal even after my pass. The ball, he also has a good chance. After 11 rounds, we only have 3 losses, 6 draws and 2 wins.

That’s a shame. However, we have a good team and we will keep fighting. Most likely we are still working on it, iba nám fajájú góly. We have to play a lot of balls with them, for example, in one game, I’ll score a lot, but the next game might work too. “ 25-year-old Fábry was evaluated.

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