Dávid Hancko and Martin Valjent: The Slovenian goalkeeper duo in La Liga?

dust. A stable member of the Slovenian national team, captain of the big Czech club AC Sparta Praha, an all-round excellent player. Dávid Hancko’s parameters have attracted the attention of several football clubs.

The 20-year-old defender has finally made an offer to the Eredivisie. He became the most expensive player in Feyenoord history, but he is also one of the most expensive players in Slovenia.

However, Hank has also received offers from lucrative competitions, with some talk of La Liga or Ligue 1. In the end, the Rotterdam club won the transfer battle.

However, even his wife Christina Plisshkov was not satisfied with his decision. A 30-year-old tennis player, thinking of returning to the mansion, she does not want to see a more beautiful destination.

“No, I don’t feel bad about Rotterdam, but there are better destinations. For me, but before tennis. But for David, it was probably the most beautiful option,” she told the liveport. cz said in an interview, and continued:

“Mallorca is there and that’s what I want the most. There’s a game there, and a little bit, I want to start playing tennis, but there’s Raf Nadal’s academy there. That’s how I pressed it. There are other offers , but David was behind Feyenoord. It probably didn’t solve anything else, so I’m unlucky,” laughs Plíšková.

A move to Spanish side RCD Marlloc would be interesting even for Slovenian fans. In the defensive part of La Liga, the national teams will meet again.

Goalkeeper Dominik Greif, who has long-term health problems, works for Mallorca, but goalkeeper Martin Valjent plays for him regularly. With Hank, they might create a Terminator duo.

Plíšková and Hancko have a three-month-old son, Adam, and they got engaged before half term. Now I’m waiting for the circumstances to change, because until now they all lived in Prague.

The former world number 44 confirmed in an interview that her career is not over, although she will have to juggle her role as a mother. A Slovenian footballer also supported their decision.

He won’t be able to partially return until next season at the earliest. “I still watch all the games because of my sister, but I remember: I was there last year,” he said of his sister Carolina, last year’s Wimbledon finalist and currently No. 22 in the world.

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