Conference League: Pjunik Yerevan – ŠK Slovan Bratislava 2:0

Yesterday at 20:37

The footballers of Slovenian Bratislava lost their second match in Group H of the UEFA League. In Thursday’s game, they lost 0:2 to Yerevan’s home team Puynik, falling to fourth place in the standings. In the next game, FC Basel defeated Žalgiris Vilnius 1:0.

You can watch the duel of Pjunik Yerevan – Slovan Bratislava online at Š >>

The home team decided their victory in the first half. Artak Dašjan opened the scoring in the 35th minute before Yusuf Otubanjo was replaced two minutes later.

In their next match, “Belasí” will play on the pitch of points leader FC Basel on October 6th.

Group H:

Pjunik Yerevan – SK Slovan Bratislava 2:0 (2:0)

Target: 35. Dasyan, 37. Otu Banjo.

Judges: Leibovitz-Babayov, Talis (both Izr), ŽK: Kovalenko, Milikovic, Karapetcan-Balsecan, Shaponjic

Puynick: Yurchenko-Vakurenko, Gonzalez (74. Juninho), Bratkov, Milikovich-Kochuk, Dashyan, Karapejan (66. Pietro) Jean) – Otubanjo (66. Diop, 72. Karasjuk), Haruyongyang (88. Gare Jinyang), Kovalenko

Slavic: Chovan – Abena, Kašia, De Marco (76. Lovat) – Pauschek (66. Hrnčár), Kucka (60. Kucka), Agbo (46. Mustafič), Zmrhal (46. Ramirez) – Barsejjan, Šaponjič, Čakvetadze

The Slovenian master got off to a good start, blocking Čakvetadze’s move with just 26 seconds, but goalkeeper Yurchenko had to make a save for the first time. In the 11th minute, another fast break came, but Barsyanov failed to miss the ball completely. Then, for the first time in the game, they took a more serious result even at home, with Karapetyan making an acrobatic attempt with his leg, but Jovan directly blocked the ball’s path. Pyunik then threatened. In the 28th minute, Otubania challenged Shaponjic in the penalty area, but the Slovenian defense blocked the ball at the corner. “Belasí” struggled to find a way to defend in the next period, Zmrhal tried from the left but hit the keeper. In the 35th minute, Dashyan made a pass from behind Shestnaski, the ball jumped in front of Jovan, and the home team led 1:0. A few seconds later, the home team had a two-goal lead when Otubanjo got rid of Agbo and hit the right goal with a technical shot from 16 meters.

Until the second half, the coach Weiss St. With Ramirez and Mustafic on the pitch, Sloven held the ball more after the break, but lacked creativity in the closing stages, especially in moments of surprise. Chakvitadze’s goal didn’t pay off as Sloven had no chance in the 78th minute as he had his hands in front of him. At first, Ramirez didn’t finish the race more accurately, but after the next corner he aimed next to Aben. An excessive effort at the end of the game tied the Slavs’ legs and Čakvetadze missed their best chance of at least one goal in the 85th minute.

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