Champions League today: Messi scores for Paris Saint-Germain today (Tuesday) against Maccabi Haifa

Bratislava. Manchester City’s players beat Borussia Dortmund 2-1 in the Champions League on Wednesday.

Four minutes into the second half, the home team reversed the unfavorable situation and former Borussia player Erling Haaland scored the decisive goal.

Napoli beat Slovenian national team Stanislav Lobotko 3-0 at Rangers. London Chelsea only drew 1:1 with Salzburg, and Juventus Turin lost 1:2 to Lisbon Benfica.

Haaland decides

Haaland is facing his former Dortmund team-mate for the first time since moving to Manchester City. Borussia boss Edin Terzic has placed tall, experienced Mats Hummels and Niklas Sule in goalkeeper positions, whose duty is to guard the Norwegian Gunners.

They also learned defensive tactics, but they succeeded in the first half as the favorites didn’t even get a chance and didn’t even score a field goal in 45 minutes. The hosts threatened to rest but they had no chance until half-time.

After the switch, however, when Saleh Ozkan sent Mark Reus out, he sliced ​​through the defender but shot the keeper and the keeper through the ear. However, the home team did not seriously strengthen their defense, but did it in the 56th minute. After an extended corner, Reus made a sharp cross, but Judd Bellingham’s header made it – 1:0.

Erling Harland. (Author: TASR/AP)

Guardiola reacted immediately but sent Phil Foden, Julian Alvarez and Bernardo Silva onto the pitch. The Citizens then pressed, but Haaland already had his chance, but in the 66th minute he hit the post.

The game continued, but the home side had a shot into the goal area in the 80th minute, which was converted to equalise by John Stones. The hosts lost four minutes later when Joao Cancelo scored from the centre and Norway’s Haaland decided to beat his former club.

In the second game of Group G, Koda drew 0-0 with Denis Vavro of Sevilla.

PSG saves threatening surprise

The surprise came in Group H, with hosts Maccabi Haifa batting after a balanced game in the 24th minute, but continued to lead Paris Saint-Germain. After a straight pass from the right, Chery was crossed by Chery.

However, hosts Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar, who had full attacking power, then jumped to the top, winning even before half-time.

After Mbappe made a clearance, he hit the ball to Messi in the middle, and in the second half, Mbappe and Neymar scored. In the second game of the group stage, Arcadius Milik hit the goal in the 4th minute. Juventus led Benfica at home, but the home team won at the end of the half with a penalty kick from Joao Maria, but David Nere Sri Lanka scored 3 points for them after switching sides.

The Group A match between Rangers and Napoli was postponed for 24 hours from Tuesday due to limited police capacity following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

They were unable to play, the hosts were not allowed to play fair and the Rangers fans were not involved in the duel in Napoli. The two teams could have taken the lead at the start, but the home side’s Alfredo Morelos missed from close range and Piot Zielinski also missed.

SSC Naples to Stanislav Lobotko.

SSC Naples to Stanislav Lobotko. (Author: TASR/AP)

After that, the two goalkeepers, most notably host Alex Merrett, seized another big opportunity for Morelos. Veľké veci sa diali After changing sides. In the 56th minute, James Sands received a second yellow card for a foul on Giovanni Simeone, but the home team was fined 11 times. Zielinski did not replace Tu, but Matteo Politano was taken off the bench.

However, VAR stepped in and the referee awarded a penalty. Zielinski failed for the second time against Alan McGregor. However, that’s not all, in the 67th minute, Borna Barisic’s handball and third penalty had already opened the scoring for Politano.

Giacomo Raspadori gave the hosts the lead in the 85th minute, with Tanguy Ndombele leading in extra time.

Real Madrid without Benzema

Chelsea drew 1:1 with Salzburg. London’s home side had a huge advantage and they didn’t have the upper hand in the first half, but Sterling put them in the lead immediately after the change of sides.

However, in the 75th minute, Noah Okafor took the lead and let the new domestic coach Graham Potter make the first shot. Chelsea are bottom with one point. The duel was fought by Slovakian Ivan Kružliak in čiarach with Branislav Hanc and Ján Pozor.

In Group F, Real Madrid started against Leipzig without top scorer Karim Benzema, but you can feel it on the pitch. In a balanced battle, the home side could have beaten them three times without a shot in 70 minutes, but Christopher Nkunku’s goal was always short.

In the end, Real Madrid won the match, Federico Valverde scored in the 80th minute, and Asensio was added in extra time.

UEFA Champions League – Round 2 – Wednesday:

One group:

Rangers – SSC Napoli 0:3 (0:0)

/postponed from tuesday/

Target: 68. Politano (11m), 85. Laspadori, 90.+1 Ndombele

ČK: 56. Sands (Wanderer)

Decide: Lahoz (Sp.)

/Stanislav Lobotka (Naples) popular from the beginning /

Group E:

Chelsea – Red Bull Salzburg 1:1 (0:0)

Target: 48. Sterling – 75. Okafor

Decide: Ivan KRUŽLIAK – Branislav HANCKO, Ján POZOR – 4th place: Peter KRÁĽOVIČ (full SR)

AC Milan – Dinamo Zagreb 3:1 (1:0)

Target: 45. Giroud (from 11 m), 47. Saelemaekers, 77. Pobega – 56. Oršič

Decide: Gilmanzano (Sp.)

Group F:

Real Madrid – RB Leipzig 2:0 (0:0)

Target: 80. Valverde, 90. +1 Asensio

Decide: Mariani (Italy)

Shakhtar Donetsk – Celtic Glasgow 1:1 (1:1)

/We went to Warsaw/

Target: 29. Mudryk – 10. Bondarenko (owner)

Decide: Nyberg (Sweden)

Group G:

Copenhagen – Sevilla 0:0

Decide: Pellito (BaH.)

/Dennis Vavreau (Kodaň) whole game/

Manchester City – Borussia Dortmund 2:1 (0:0)

Target: 80. Stones, 84. Harland – 56. Bellingham

Decide: Osato (Italy)

Group H:

Juventus – Benfica Lisbon 1:2 (1:1)

Target: 4. Milik – 44. Mario (11 m), 55. Neres

Decide: Zweil (German)

Maccabi Haifa – Paris Saint-Germain 1:3 (1:1)

Target: 24. Chery – 37. Messi, 69. Mbappe, 88. Neymar

Decide: Siebert (German)

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