Camp Nou, Bayern rozprávka Pilsen. Kozáčik aj Quote on Calzon

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Pôsobenie Viktoria Plzeň is something unusual in the Champions League group, but it is possible bezpochyby perseniať as a huge success for the entire club and Czech football. This is claimed by Matúš Kozáčik, who also spoke to Š about his new challenge – he became part of Francisco Calzono’s executive team for the Slovenian national football team.

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czech football master FC Victoria Pilsen He’s going through one of the shortest episodes in football history, finally reaching the Champions League group stage since winning a sixth title.

‘Victorka’ has managed to do so for the fourth time in the last 11 years, but now we can talk football stories because the West Bohemian club is not fighting a big contender.

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Fans of the FC Viktoria Plzeň match


It’s not exactly standard, so it’s a huge hit

Therefore, Bilsen’s recent success can be considered a very big thing.think about it Matush Kozaczykhe was an important goalkeeper support for the Czech and Slovenian national teams in the past.

“It’s a huge success because it’s not exactly standard. We can see for ourselves what clubs are in the Champions League group stage, and even in that team, Pulsen basically did well, and that’s probably the way to get there. the smallest club.” said Dolné Kubín, 38.

“From this point of view, it was a huge success for the whole club, the fans and Czech football. It was not easy at all because Viktoria had a tough road behind her and it took a tough game to get into the group stage. , but when it finally happens, it’s very valuable.” continue.

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Viktoria Plzeň, coach Michal Bílek on the right, Pavel Horváth next to him, Matúš Kozáčik on the left, Marek Bakoš on the left


“Of course it’s also supported by the team, who already won the title last season because without it they wouldn’t qualify for the preliminaries. It was a huge success because our game hurt Sparta, Prague Big clubs like Slavia, we play against it, so it’s more valuable.” Matúš Kozáčik laughs, taking up the position of goalkeeping coach for the second time at “Viktorián”.

“I’ve kept things that I’ve always loved, so it’s definitely been fulfilling and tough because I can keep that shape not only in Plzeň, but also in football. I’m doing what I’ve been doing my whole life. things, but it’s easier for me. Also, this way I can also pass on my experience further,” explain.

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Robert Lewandowski after hat-trick against Victoria Bilson

Source: SITA

How to prepare a goalkeeper for hviezdy ako Lewandowski?

However, it is necessary to admit that, after the draw at the end of August, if Pilsen is assigned to the C-skupiny futbolových Giants, FC Barcelona, bayern munich One Inter Milanwaiting for Matúš Kozáčik is not easy either.

In terms of men’s coaching positions, among the three teams he has to be for Robert Lewandowski, Ousmane Dembele, Ferran Torres, Leroy Sane, Sadio Mane , Thomas Muller, Edin Dzeko or Lautaro Martinez to get ready.

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Matúš Kozáčik and Jindřich Staněk in training


“Preparing for something like this is very difficult. In the end, they beat us by a bigger margin, but the quality of their team is high.” Matúš Kozáčik met Plzeň’s previous break at 1:5 in Barcelona, ​​and Robert Lewandowski scored a hat-trick by the way.

“It is also necessary to mention that Jindro Staněk was able to take many other chances for them, so he did well against the ‘Barcy’ star. For him these are other valuable experiences that can drive him achieve better performance.” Kudos to Victoria’s goalkeeper.

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Milan Škriniar in the match Lazio Rím – Inter Milan

Source: SITA

Memories of Bayern

At the same time, Matusz Kozasik himself knows very well what it means to stand on the defensive end against the superstars of European football. Wearing a Pilsen jersey, he tasted the sweet taste of the 2013-2018 group stage.

“Déjà vu”, but perhaps not entirely pleasant, brought him a draw in Istanbul that took Vitoria to the group stage and Bayern Munich, from which he collected as many as six goals (0:1 at home, 0 away :5).

“Of course, you already remind me of Bayern Munich,” Matúš Kozáčik laughed, “Whether it was a game at home, despite the negative result, I remember it very well. The game was unreal, whether we were talking about the atmosphere, the accusations on the pitch or the quality of the individual players that you can face in person.”

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Matush Kozaczyk

Source: TASR

“It would be nice, but the mass is huge. It won’t be easy,” Declined whether “Victorka” will return to Bayern on “loan” before the deadline. However, with Barcelona beating them 5-1 in Catalonia and losing 2-0 at home to Inter in their first Champions League game, the Pearson players will have to leave as soon as possible.

On the other hand, performing at the iconic Camp Nou was special even for Matusz Kozasik himself.

“It’s an indescribable feeling to feel that atmosphere in a stadium like this. Also look at how many people are running on the lawn, how many people go to clubs, how many people go to Camp Nou, how many people are in this temple History. Nehovoriac o tréneroch, akí póposili v tomto klube. It’s just something that impresses a person. Something unforgettable” Matúš Kozáčik admitted that he said that even in the tone of Master Ligy’s hymn, it did not reach brány.

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“Not at all. Now I’m in a different position, but I’m trying to focus on what I’m doing at the moment so that I can be the best I can be.” Matúš Kozáčik emphasized.

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Slovenia national football team new coach Francesco Calzona

Source: TASR

Great challenge for the Slovenian national team

Since September, he has focused on working in the western Czech Republic, but is already working for the Slovenian national football team.The 53-year-old Italian expert told official representatives Francesco Calzona But in his executive team goalkeeping coach position, longtime goalkeeping coach will be replaced by Matush Kozasik mila weekly.

“I went there because I wanted to try it out,” The first 29 interviews with the Slovenian national team players “But when I made the final decision, I also consulted Milo Seiman, as he is a long-term coach of the national team.”

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“When he told me he really recommended it, I didn’t hesitate. It made me happy because this is the national team, but there are other challenges. I will also be able to work with our best players, just me Say, and the goalkeeper.” Introduced by Matúš Kozáčik.

He is already looking forward to working with Francesco Calzono: “I will be able to enrich myself with the new experience coach Calzona has gained in his career.”

“I will talk more closely with Francesco during the national team game,” The former national team added that she is also not worried that she will be working on a foreign language production team: “Dohovoríme sa in English. I don’t think it will be a problem at all.”

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Martin Dubravka, Manchester United

Source: Reuters

He believes Rodak and Dubravko will have a chance to catch up again

In the past, during the Kozackov era, Slovenia seldom had major problems with the goalkeeper position, but things are different now. The last two units of the “Falcon”, Marek Rodak One Martin Dubravka, in their club, they didn’t get any chance at all. However, Matúš Kozáčik wants to change this attitude.

“Marek played in the Premier League at Fulham earlier this season, the most beautiful game in the world. Maťo Dúbravka said the same, he said he was at a club as good as Manchester United. Surprisingly, How far both of them have come. I believe I will eventually be able to transplant dostanú přední v bráne. It will not only be good for them, but also for the national team.” Matúš Kozáčik said he still has a club role at Viktoria Plzeň but can slowly start to focus on national team duties.

He is clear from the start what is important to Slovenia, but he himself will try to contribute to the whole work: “One-of-a-kind victory because that’s what’s going to happen.” Then, not only for the players, but for the management team, and last but not least, for the fans, it’s going to be a lot more interesting. So, first of all, I want to get Slovenia back on the winning road. I believe we can do it together. “

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