Boston leads in series but is one step away from qualifying

26/05/2022 06:55

The Boston Celtics are just one win away from advancing to the NBA Finals. They beat the Heat 93-80 in the fifth meeting of the Eastern Conference finals on Thursday night, but led 3-2 in the series.

For the winner, Jaylen Brown had 25 points and Jayson Tatum had 22 points and 12 rebounds. The hosts were short of 18 points, but Bam Adeba had about 10 rebounds.

Boston decided to take the win in the third quarter and won 32:16. “Our defense tires opponents, but puts pressure on them. This game has worked for us many times in the playoffs,” gévril spokojnosť kouč Celtic’s name is Udoka podla AP.

Miami players are not good at serving from beyond the arc. They made 45 shots but only made seven. For the second time in a row, Tyler Herro, the winner of the NBA’s best reserve award this season, did not come out due to problems. “We’re not going to argue. There are players on each side who aren’t 100 percent healthy. Boston gave us a load today,” Florida head coach Eric Spoelstra admitted.

The Celtics could decide on their course of action Saturday morning. The game starts at 2:30.

Eastern Conference Finals:

Miami Heat – Boston Celtics 80:93 (19:17, 23:20, 16:32, 22:24)

Most points: Adebayo 18 (10 rebounds). Vincent 15, Butler 13 – Brown 25, Tatum 22 (12 rebounds), Horford 16

/Series rate: 2:3/

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