Bežecká séria Behaj lesmi continues at the sign of the beautiful trail

Bratislava – the second novelty of the season through the woods on beautiful trails and signs of unconventional routes with canopy paths!

On the second Saturday in June, more than 700 runners gather in the picturesque Bahledova Valleyaby vybehli v ústrety lesnému dovršnětu na drů novinke a právětým prétekoch sóson Behaj lesmi 2022. Runners try the vydarené route in beautiful Bežec weather Walk up the Spišská Magura ridge with picturesque views of the Belianske Tatry to a truly unique destination – Walk along the Chodník Crown of the famous tromov!

Traditionally, a little fox, rabbit or squirrel is the first to win a medal in the Dr. Max children’s competition. In the third season, less than 100 children competed in the six categories, and their mountain environment spurred great performances. Along with Bachledky, in addition to the sports experience, they also brought back a T-shirt from their main partner Dr.Max, Fashion eco medal or famous raffle prize.

Krásnou častou program boli charitátivne preteky VoltaRUN, its financials per kilometer run He helps elderly rehabilitation and elderly sports aids from domov domtscov zakupít in Slovenia. Through the JOJ Foundation supporting VoltaRUN, €2,519 was raised, this time for Senior Tatry zariadenia in Dolno Smokovci.

The second newcomer of sézony 2022, Thanks to founding partner Lesy Slovenskej republiky for their support, vyvrcholila from jednej hodina popoludní svo huálovní programm. The winner of the 20km route was Marek Lenčéš with a time of 1:21:00, while the women’s Ivana Líšková won in 1:36:23, similar to Čičmanoch’s time. Lesnícku jedenástku dominated the men’s domestic Martin Zapalač in 45:03, while Zuzana Tarbajová was the first woman to reach the finish in 54:01.

The second rookie of the season, Behaj lesmi, managed to get behind us, but the entire running series was now in full swing until the second half. Only the last two events remain. The year begins on July 9, 2022 in the wonderful surroundings of Behaj lesmi Veľká Fatra, then the Golden Nail will appear on August 20, 2022 in the form of Behaj lesmi Štiavnické vrchy. The search for the starting number continues on the website

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