Beh Vychylovská osmička is already this Saturday.Read the interview with the organizer M. Krkošková

Interview the manager. Martinou Krkoškovou is the head of the team for the organization of the Vychylovská osmička event, which will be held on Saturday, July 9, 2022 at the Múzea kysuckej dediny in Vychylovke.

What was behind the idea of ​​organizing running competitions in the Múze kysuckej world?

While searching for an answer to this question, I had the initial idea of ​​running a race in our open air museum for a split second, but I’d rather not do it. Pre mňa ako zaszámbankyňu Kysuckého múzea je okrem iného náplňou práce preparavtú for our výstávy visitors in various branches.

Martina KorkoskovaMartina KerkoskovaWhile setting the exhibition calendar for this deadline, I thought about why not enjoy the open air museum environment and other events.

As I am an active runner, my thoughts immerse me in culture and sports. A tak spungol ídaž úražať in Múze kysuckej dediny bežecké preteky.

I’ll admit, I’ve had mixed reactions, but it turns out I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of people, friends, colleagues, and last but not least, my family who supported my ideas.

For that I am very thankful to everyone, I have basically achieved my dream and this Saturday I can start running in our open air museum, starting the first year of Vychylovskéj osmičky.

Who is behind the organization of this event?

The organizers of Vychylovské osmičky are the municipalities of Kysucké múzeum and Nová Bystrica. This is the tímová práca of the employees of the two institutions. Of course, we could hardly organize an event of this type and scale without the help of those around us.

Personally, getting ready for a running race was my first experience, and I can say, it’s been quite positive, even though it takes a lot of effort and time. However, I believe the event will be released and it will be one of the most popular runners.

Kto allo si k vám može zabehně ?

We can work with professional coaches as well as with other run organizers when compiling the categories in the running proposal. We have attempted to cover all female and male age categories where the organization allows. Of course, there are also children’s runs, divided into grades and youth groups.

Runners who like to run uphill are welcome here, in our case this is a mountain road with rough terrain. As the name of the event suggests, the line will run between two stations on the National Heritage Historic Forest Railway. The reward during the run will be a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape, but last but not least, a huge plus on these hot summer days is the pleasant “mountain” refreshing temperatures, unlike city road runs, it Does not physically consume runners.

How do you feel about beh od tohto behu eksketrať?

In addition to many positive and enjoyable running experiences, every runner who crosses the finish line takes home a participation medal from Vychylovská osmička, which is stylishly designed to match our open-air museum, but I think it has earned us. At the launch, each runner will receive a starter pack that includes pre-run refreshments, as well as a runner number with a chip, which of course will serve as a memory of the run. After recovery, offer a drinking regimen and a snack of fresh fruit.

Each registered runner also enjoys lunch and refreshments in the form of craft beer or beer. The entire race will be recorded by professional photographers, so runners will be able to search hundreds of photos after the race, which will be posted on social networks as well as on a separate website prepared by Vychylovská osmička, which will be officially launched as soon as possible after the event .

Will there be any supporting programs at the event?

Individual events will be accompanied by professional sports presenters who will accompany participants from registration to competition evaluation. Before the run, the youngest runners are playing in the zabavnom stíle with the fitness trainer, while the dad warms up the other runners before the main race. Upon completion, of course, there will be results celebrations for all categories.

Refugees can look forward to a variety of very valuable prizes, the village chief presents trophies to the winners, and the curator of the Kysuckémúzeum painted shingles, which I believe will be good souvenirs for the refugees. After the prizes are awarded to the winners, we can still play tombola, with every registered runner automatically participating. But I think the runners had some fun, because thanks to the ústretovým sponsors, the raffle was “filled” with very good prices. At the end of the event, as a surprise to all runners and visitors to the open-air museum, a performance by the evil organization Niečo účeré will be presented. Of course, all runners have the opportunity to explore our open-air museum and wander between cabins for extra energy.

Do you plan to continue this event every year?

On Saturday, July 9, 2022, the first annual Vychylovskéj osmičky will be held at the Múzeu kysuckej Shrine. My dream is to create an atmosphere full of memorable moments for runners. I’m a runner myself, and I’ve run various races, but I like to remember every one of them. Organizácia tohto behu taught me to look at the past from a different angle. I believe our tour of the open air museum attracted participants with its uniqueness and pleasant environment.

For me, the safety of the runners comes first, and that’s what guides me throughout the race preparation. But that’s what I hope to do, as it has been an ongoing concern for the bejeckou community in the past. But for me as an organizer, there’s nothing more to do than see more runners before the start line. I believe Vychylovská osmička has become a traditional event in Kysuckého múzea and Nová Bystrica, but it has also been successful in other important running events organized by Kysucia.

  • If you are interested, you can still register for the event via this link >>

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