Backed by Glasgow, Londoners took to the streets. What do they want?

Meteorológovia points out Tuesday A record 40.3 degrees Celsius in England, The Associated Press reminds what the highest temperature registered in the country is. The UK was ill-prepared for such a heatwave – Summers there are usually mild, but only a few homes, schools or small businesses have air conditioning.

warm wool disrupted the main railway network, damaged pristávacie dráhy na letiskách a Major incidents were reported by 15 fire brigades across the country. The London Fire Brigade announced Tuesday was already the busiest day for firefighters since World War II.

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Activists also reacted to the extreme heat. They took to the streets of London with demonstrators to demand faster and more effective measures to tackle climate change.

Activist groups including Just Stop Oil and Insulate British bring protesters to Protest takes place in Westminster Borough Council Square to Lundend a requested, aby The local conservative government stopped issuing new crude oil and natural gas licenses, zdanila sznečisťovatelov a It helps people install energy efficient heating systems in their homes.

Tuesday’s extreme heatwave warned us of what we could face if the climate collapsed – thousands dead, homes destroyed in bushfires and emergency services overloaded to the point of collapse. It’s never ready for extreme heat, but it’s only going to get worse,” introduced Indigo Rumbelowová from radical groups Just stop the oil.

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Protests also took place in Glasgow, Scotland. There, climate activists organized a protest in a very different style “die at”, Urgent measures to combat climate change are called for. Demonstrators lay on the ground in a najrušnejších shopping district in the city, covered with white sheets listing “causes of death” including heat stress, cold and lack of water.

A number of climate activist groups have already been on guard to organise more damaging demonstrations in the autumn aimed at the complete shutdown of Westminster, where the UK parliament is located.


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