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Nearly a hundred runners enjoy the smooth and wooded roads around Barbindo.

After zero races in 2019 and the outbreak of the pandemic, the first Babindol Májový cross-country race took place on Saturday.

With exactly 96 participants running on the two main tracks (8km and 16km in length), the children tested their running skills in a preview program.

In a longer cross-country race, Matej Páleník and Jana Kleskeňová won the 2019 title, triumphing in better times.

“I don’t have much memory of turf three years ago, and it wasn’t easy to optimally distribute my power before the more difficult climbs. But in the end, I’m happy with the time that resulted, and the championship from year zero. These are challenging races, but in a very pleasant natural setting. Thanks to the organizers,” said Jana Kleskeňová from Nitria.

Matej Páleník also enjoyed the game. “The route is varied, not everyone likes it, but I like it. The route has steep hills, rough trees and slippery roads, sometimes a little slippery, but also fast with paved and asphalted roads Section. For the first few kilometers, the runners ran 8 kilometers away from me, but then they broke up and I was left alone, so I was lazy and tried to get as close as possible to around 4 min/km, which I did love it,” says Matej Páleník.

The shorter lawns are dominated by Zdenka Hezká of Tešedíkova and Ľuboš Jombík of Krupiny.

“Despite the rain, it rained the night before the event. I’m sure the entrants have enjoyed the race. All the winners received medals and certificates, the best received Intersport courses, trophies and eternal Prizes,” said Zdeno Zamboj, the head of the competition. The operation was also supported by the village of Babindol, whose mayor Peter Ďurica was not absent.

Results (medal winners)

8 kilometers: Men: 1. Ľuboš Jombík (Krupina) 31:39, 2. Michal Šebeňa (Vráble) 32:41, 3. Ondrej Holienčin (Topoľčany) 32:58.

Women: 1. Zdenka Hezká (AO Šaľa) 34:06, 2. Ema Zvarová (Fan team BB) 38:26, 3. Lucia Leštáková 40:39.

16 km: Men: 1. Matej Páleník (Topoľčianky) 1:03:45, 2. Daniel Gyepes (D. Obdokovce) 1:10:18, 3. Branislav Jacko (TK N. Zámky) 1:11:05.

Women: 1. Jana Kleskeňová (AC Stavbár Nitra) 1:14:07, 2. Anna Zvarová (Svetielko nádeje) 1:16:17, 3. Veronika Páleníková (Topoľčianky) 1:23:37.

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