Athlete escapes Zoborskou forest steps: new route is ready


Registration for the Zoborskou lesostepou running competition is closed. Do you dare to run a mountain marathon?

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other sports

Registration for the Zoborskou lesostepou running competition is closed. Do you dare to run a mountain marathon?

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Athletes can sign up for the Zoborskou lesostepou run. It ends on Thursday, September 15th.

The race will start next to Dražovského kostolik. Both women and men can participate. The Tento Rok organization is taken over by Ultra Pulz.

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new route

Refugees can also look forward to new routes. The shortest route, behu Zoborskou lesostepou, is 10.5 km long and 492 m above sea level.

“You start from Dražovského kostolik, run to Meškov vrch, go through Tri duby to Pyramíd, from there it is easy to jump to Zobor. After the short circuit, you return to Tri duby. Then you free fall back to the church,” Introduced by the organizer. The starting fee is 10 euros.

Golden middle?

The second “horský half marathon” route is for those who have already completed the “desiatku” and are a long way from the 50k. You will start the 21 km route at Dražovsko kostolik. You run up the Meškov vrch and go through the Tri duby and Pyramídu a Zobor.

You will continue along the red tourist trail Pod Žibrica in Dlú skal. At the crossroads, take the yellow tourist road to Podhorian. “After 15 km you will have refreshments at Vinohradoch. Turn into the woods at the blue bike sign and you are almost at the finish line. The last few meters take you back to the church,” The route is described by the organizer. The starting fee is 20 euros.

Horsky Ultra Marathon

For those who want to push their limits but are in good shape, there will be a mountain ultramarathon. I foolishly checked the 51-kilometer route. It consists of two overlapping parts.

You’ll be able to charge your battery at three stops along the way. The starting fee is 30 euros. You can find all the details of routes and maps here!

All routes and categories are limited to 300 participants.

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