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“Are you ill?” Ani didn’t wait for an answer. But red cheeks, sweaty hair and stubborn na nohách answer me. “I admire you, you already have to exercise dvoch deťoch šče máte energiu športovať.”

“You know, it’s the exact opposite for me,” I said with a smile. “I don’t need to find the energy to exercise. But I need to exercise so I have the energy to do other things.”

It was clear that the neighbors did not believe the sincerity of my resignation. “Anyway, you look good,” he winked at me, as if to imply that he already knew the reason for my efforts.

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Kedysi This is indeed the main cause of pain. When I started exercising regularly about fifteen years ago, it was a reaction to an innocent comment from a family friend about the size of my belly. So did I, minutes later he didn’t even know it, he had said something similar to me, but his words got to the point where my self-awareness was just forming. When I got home, I looked at myself in the mirror, but I didn’t understand how I could have not noticed my huge flaws until then. I started exercising, running, eating sweets and “unhealthy” foods. Lose weight and get shorter with superficial vision.

It’s incredible how much one sentence can do. On the other hand, keby zostala nevyslovená, can I start with som vlavás s behaním? No matter how unhealthy and incorrect it is for me to start exercising, this is how to develop healthy habits. Behanie went from being a duty I had to force myself into to an activity I looked forward to all day. Finding motivation to run is no longer a problem. Omnoho náročnejšie bolo vyrovnať sa tim, when I can’t run.

During my pregnancy, I realized how dependent I was on running. I’m too timid to even run around in my stomach, but I’ve missed everything the most these months. Not just a glass of wine or moldy cheese. For the first few weeks, watching runners running around made me sick. I miss that feeling of freedom, strength, stamina and the endorphins I take so often. Will I go through this again? Zvládnem to topri Motherhood? Or is this just an episode of my life and it’s over but I can remember it in the best way possible?

After a short break, I went back to Berjagno. I was lazy for a few months because I was pregnant again. Another break doesn’t mean it’s over, but now is the deadline because after the second birth, I’m running again. Paradoxne, teraz, po dvoch deťoch si beh uživam zo evneho životných proódí most. Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting have taught me a lot, even as a runner.

I learned to enjoy the road, not just drive to the finish line

I get really nervous when I put my running shoes on after a manual break. How much worse have I gotten? How long does it take to run at the speed you want?

However, after that, I deleted the history in my bežeckých hodinkách and kept comparing with her aj. It’s a fresh start, why not enjoy all the little successes?

It’s actually really cool as a beginner.

Behanie is a sport of gratitude. When you put in the time, you’ll see results quickly. For the first few months, your pace is dizzyingly fast, and you’re enjoying the first five kilometers of your run, the first steep hill. Small celebrations are held at almost every game.

Later, it took more money to improve, but I liked it because I was able to pack the initial euphoria through pregnancy.

I’m no longer afraid to breathe

When I’m a little anxious, I don’t bother to think, I’m going to be in trouble for a few days. I didn’t feel well, I lost energy right away, I was late, I couldn’t make it.

Pregnancy taught me diversity in life. Some days I spend more time on my clothes, other times less. But it is possible (ba priam is pretty much the same) that there will be a point in the future when I will have to give up running entirely.

Rok bez behu sa javi bóch infinitý when you are just in life. But in the context of this whole longevity, what are these twelve months?

I’m starting to gain weight and I can now do the exercises I love

I realized that even then, I could run, and it wasn’t a matter of course. I’m proud of my body, it’s healthy but strong, it doesn’t hurt, I’m in control. As the husband of a som vďačná, he was already a tímový player a neneča vysávye parentých ovády len na mňa.

My running goals have changed. I no longer think about kilometers, pace or height meters. My main idealistic goals are: to be an active grandmother, climb mountains with tourist clubs, compete in local races and walk grandkids.

I try to listen to my body more but don’t put too much pressure on myself

So I try to exercise in such a way that it benefits my body instead of hurting it.

Pregnancy taught me to be more considerate of myself. When it comes to the well-being of future generations, it suddenly seems less selfish to take care of yourself.

After giving birth, I started wearing underwear slowly. I’ve learned that when I get over this, I run the risk of developing health problems that could affect me for the rest of my life.

I stopped focusing on performance and stopped comparing myself to others

When I run, I enjoy it, I can already run. I don’t have as many opportunities as I used to. It’s too embarrassing, I’ve run slower than last time, or I’ve been caught up by my uncle for 30 years. Instead of looking at my running watch, I try to look around.

But when I came across another runner, I stopped comparing.

Comparing someone we know nothing about is actually pretty stupid. We don’t know how long the line was, whether he was running at full speed or just hanging out. We don’t know exactly what happened in his life.

Isn’t that the most important thing, have we all run away? Have you decided to do something for yourself?

We exchanged a smile that said it all.

I found that I could do more than I thought, but my body’s main strength is really not what it looks like

Sometimes, when I really can’t control myself during a run, it’s just the memory of being born that helps me keep going. My body can handle a lot more than my head can handle. It can create a new life and bring it into the world. What is a mountain of vybehnutie compared to that?

I started to value my body rather than its appearance. I respect his strength, resilience and perseverance. I am so thankful to him that he gave me our daughter, that I will not grow old, that he took me to beautiful places and supported me in challenging situations for my body.

I love my body more than ever. But this, I’m already moving, and that’s one of my gratitude to him.

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