According to Nancy Pelosi, the entire delegation headed to Taiwan. What about China?

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TCHAJ-PEJ – Tensions haven’t cooled yet after Congressional President Nancy Pelosiova’s visit, and we’re taking a new step from America.

Taiwan President Chai Jingwen Received at the Presidential Palace on Monday U.S. Congressional Delegation. The visit reignited tensions between Taiwan and China. TASR notified this under the management of the agency DPA.

Congressman, who arrives on sunday, monday Meeting with Taiwanese MPs. The two-day visit is part of a longer journey through the Indo-Pacific region. In Taiwan, they must negotiate relations with the United States, regional security, trade and global supply chains, and climate change.

Beijing mark this visit for next time “provocative” but report New military exercises held near Taiwan to increase pressure on the island and the United States. speaker According to the introduction of the Ministry of National Defense of China, it is already about “Public Violation” between income Čínou a Spojenni štatmi Onaruseni China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Chinese navy and air force’s exercises near Taiwan could serve as a deterrent, the spokesman said.

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US Navy Announced on Friday, in the next few weeks Exercise in the Taiwan Strait focus Demonstration of the principle of freedom of navigation. The announcement was made on Friday Kurt Campbell, Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific at Bieleho Dom. It informs this TASR according to the správ agentúry AFP.

According to Campbell, the U.S. military will continue to operate in areas permitted by international law. “Is this consistent with our longstanding commitment to freedom of navigation?” Announce.

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