1v1 football tournament organisers say don’t be lazy about football, we have a lot planned

July 9, 2022 at 10:26 am

The second Czech and Slovenian 1vs1 Football Championship will be held in Bratislava on September 8.

Organizer Marián Kvasňovský explained that the visitors saw more than just the international championships, but also many accompanying activities and interesting challenges awaiting them.

1vs1 football is a relatively unknown form of sport, do you think Slovakov already knew about it?

Abroad, it’s an attractive form of football and I’m sure it will catch on with us. This was also confirmed in the 1vs1 Tour, which we achieved this year in several cities in Slovenia, and visitors were pleasantly surprised that they didn’t have to be professionals to enjoy 1v1 football. Such championships are the key to popularizing a new type of sport.

What will the game itself look like? Should it be the best Czech Slovenian player or maju chancu aj against the amateurs?

“The championship concept is based on a maximum of 40 players who will be divided into groups and then they can enter the play-offs. The top eight will receive financial, valuable or sponsor awards. With that in mind, 1vs1 football is still new in our region , there is no registration space for the tournament. We are excited to find new fans of this football.”

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Marianne Kvassowski

Source: ŠPORT.sk

In your opinion, what is the most important achievement of a 1vs1 football player?

“Mal shouldn’t take dobru techniques. Zápasy sa vyhrávajú in the moment when someone scores ako privtí 4 goly or nastrelí súperovi gól pmedzi nohy. 1vs1 football matches have a field of five meters in diameter, so you have to have a little luck.”

What can visitors expect from the 1v1 football tournament?

“Fun and scary. 1vs1 football is a sport where there is always something going on, there is always some action. So we invite young football players to OC Central, as well as families with children and people who have already tried 1v1 football. I think it It has made everyone happy.”

What other activities do you have for those who spend a Thursday afternoon at this event?

“Thanks to the production team at Your Event Services, we are proud to organize the main Czech-Slovenian 1vs1 football tournament. Also, one can look forward to interesting events throughout the week (5-9 September). In one area, there will be a A bike with an instructor on which anyone can ride the best time for a kilometer and win a €50 meal delivery voucher.

The latest consoles with FIFA 22 are still available, and football billiards (soccer billiards) is a complete novelty in Slovakia or other games including Lucky Roulette or Big Lotto. I think it’s worth everyone to come. He will definitely take something away. ”

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MČR in 1vs1 football match

Source: ŠPORT.sk

Where exactly can visitors find you? Is the entrance free?

“All of our cars and venues will be centered in front of Bill at OC Central. Anyone can come and have something to eat or try to take away, for example, a nice gift. Thanks to our partners, so is our event It’s free and we value their support. Players participating in the tournament only pay a registration fee.

What would you say to those who hesitate to sign up for such a tournament?

“Just give it a chance and you could be the star of 1v1 football – now is the perfect time.”

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